Lance Reddick is in talks to join Channing Tatum, Jamie Foxx and Maggie Gyllenhaal in Roland Emmerich's action film White House Down.

In the film, Tatum will star as a Secret Service agent who tries to save the president when the White House is attacked. Jamie Foxx will play the President of the USA.

This will be the second film in which director Emmerich cast a black actor in the role of USA President; he did the same in 2012, casting Danny Glover in the part.

Reddick will play Colonel Janowitz, whose responsibility is the Speaker of the House, to be played by Richard Jenkins

This is not to be confused with Antoine Fuqua's thriller Olympus Has Fallen (or is it White House Takenwhich has been described as “Die Hard in the White House," and stars Gerard Butler as an unlikely Secret Service agent trying to stop terrorists who have taken over the White House.

James Woods and Joey King round out the cast for White House Down, a film that Tatum's Iron Horse Entertainment company is executive producing.

Reddicks a busy man, with projects on the big screen, small screen and on the web, all coming down the pike.

You'll remember that, earlier this year, along with partner Steven Adams, they launched Christai Productions to produce original content for all 3 platforms.