Funnyman Larry Wilmore (known most as The Daily Show's "Senior Black Correspondent") will return to Showtime for an encore…

Wilmore’s hour-long Race, Religion & Sex, which was shot in Salt Lake CityUtah, in front of a live audience, exploring issues dealing with race, religion and sex through comedy, satire and political commentary, aired on August 25.

Showtime ordered just 1 special, with word being that it could potentially become a series, depending on how well the first one did with audiences.

It did well enough apparently, because the network has ordered a second Race, Religion & Sex special, but, this time, it'll be in front of a Florida crowd, taped on October 24 in Jacksonville, and will air on November 3, conveniently on the last weekend before the presidential election. 

I expected the first to be available online (via Showtime's website), or on-demand, by now, but it isn't. 

Congrats to Wilmore. It's likely only a matter of time before he's signed up for something permanent; a weekly show not-so unlike Bill Maher's on HBO.

A promo for Race, Religion & Sex, the first one, follows below: