Last Light on Peacock marks the first major post-Lost project for Matthew Fox.

In the series, he plays petro-chemist Andy Yeats, who realizes that the oil-dependent world could come to a shocking halt as something goes wrong. Well– it does, and while on a trip to the Middle East, his family is separated and they work to find their way back to each other.

The series is based on Alex Scarrow’s best-selling novel of the same name and also stars Joanne Froggatt, Alyth Ross, Taylor Fay, Amber Rose Revah, Victor Alli, Tom Wlaschiha and Hakeem Jomah.

In a recent interview with Shadow and Act, Fox explained, “There were a lot of aspects of the story that I was attracted to– the sort of the timeliness of it, the reliance on oil and the crisis that’s created and large parts of Europe and this family being torn apart. But I mean, honestly, I was looking for an opportunity to executive produce with my managerial partner, and we were going to be given that opportunity on this project. And we kicked the tires on it for a little bit and decided that we wanted to jump in. I felt like all the creative aspects were there and the cast was coming together wonderfully. And we were excited about Dennie Gordon and the producing team.”

Ultimately, Fox admitted that he’d been thinking about making a return to acting for several years before taking on the Peacock thriller series. 

“It was just a lot of factors that kind of came together and it felt like it was time,” he continued. “I had been kind of thinking about trying my hand at acting again for a few years prior to this experience. I was excited to see how that was going to feel to be on a set again and trying to be to act and try to tell a story that way. So that was really rewarding and fun and I enjoyed it very much. It was a good experience. So I’m happy to be doing it again.”

Check out the full interview below, which also features Froggatt, Revah and director Dennie Gordon.

Watch the full interview below: