Lauren London is demanding some respect on her name after rumors started swirling that she was dating Diddy

London, who has continued on the legacy of her late boyfriend Nipsey Hussle, took to Instagram to clear the air after some pictures posted by Diddy became the fuel for false romance rumors. 

In a now-deleted post, Diddy shared pictures of the two during the pre-Grammy Roc Nation brunch just a few weeks earlier, according to TMZ. While Diddy never alluded the two were seeing each other, that didn’t stop people from trying to put two and two together. 

In his original post, he captioned the picture of the two, “lostfiles … @laurenlondon.”

Even more so, fans eagerly reached to conclusions as the record executive reshared the photo to his Instagram stories with the caption “More Lost Files...Me & My Sister @laurenlondon at the @rocnation brunch.” Diddy posted the picture to his stories alongside a series of other pictures from the brunch with his children and fellow music executives.

Hussle’s forever love, however, shut down every last rumor.

“Still His! King Ermias! Never Forget!" the actress wrote on Instagram with an accompanying picture of the rapper. 

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Still His! King Ermias! Never Forget!

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And just in case someone may have been a little confused by her words, she posted again to reiterate her message.

“Stop f**king playing with me and my name. Now let me get back to healing,” she wrote. “I’m all love and peace but never forget… I’m a woman in grief and I don’t play about Nip, my family, my character and code. Bout to drink a green juice to start the day though.”

London also slid into her Instagram stories, posting a picture of Hussle with the words “Forever and even after call me Lady Hussle.”

It’s unclear if her posts were directed at Diddy himself or at fans who got their facts jacked up, but people had a lot to say on Twitter.

The one year anniversary of Hussle's death is March 31. The rapper was gunned down outside of his clothing store in California, as Blavity previously reported. Before his death, Hussle was a community activist and spent his time leading the launch of the Vector 90 STEM learning center.