nullThat special episode of NBC's Law & Order: SUV guest starring Mike Tyson, which Tambay reported about HERE recently, will be broadcast on the network much earlier than planned.

The episode, entited Monster's Legacy, and co-stars Andre Braugher and Ed Asner, in which Tyson plays a murderer on death row who claims his crimes were as a result of the sexual abuse he suffered as a child, was originally scheduled to be aired on Weds Feb. 13.

However the episode has now been pushed up one week, to this Weds, Feb. 6th.

Dick Wolf, who created all the L & O shows, as well being executive producer of all of them, has praised the Tyson episode, saying that "it focuses on what can happen when there is an emotionally charged rush to judgement and it is, in my opinion, one of our strongest epiosdes in the last five years," and he has already sent out advance screeners of the episode to the media for reviews.

However, there is speculaton that the real reason why the episode broadcast date was moved up, was so that it would not air the day before Feb. 14th, which will be the date for the scheduled global event, One Bilion Rising, to bring attention to, and in support of rape and sexual abuse survivors.

And considering Tyson's past history, that would have been rather awkward.