nullLead role casting is currently underway for the planned Ashley Walters-directed film, The Charlatans.

This will be Walters' (Small Island, Top Boy) directorial debut.

What The Charlatans is about:

Five audacious friends at Manchester Met are expelled for throwing a pool party that goes down in University history. Adriana [dancer/model], Reiss [the rugged thespian], Lucy [the eccentric soulstress], Kris [the mouthy DJ], and Samantha [the photographer] can’t believe their luck when the opportunity arises to visit London and stay with top make-up artist to the stars, Leon McKenzie. With little money, no prospects but super-sized dreams, these six use a combination of trickery, misdirection’s and psychology to manipulate and swindle their way into the industry. They will stop at nothing to make it big!

A casting announcement for this film also revealed that "this film will be beautifully shot in a similar style to the hit US TV shows Entourage and Heroes, intercut with fast-paced action, witty dialogue, beautiful locations and an amazing upbeat soundtrack."

London auditions are being held throughout April and filming will commence in June.  The announcement also specifies that no previous acting experience is required to audition.

Interested?  Go HERE to apply.

Applications close: 29 April 2012

Here are the roles casting agents are looking to fill:


Adriana grew up on a residential estate but always aspired to make more of her life. She is hungry for success and believes in her own ability but always works from a place of integrity. She has already done a handful of professional modeling jobs but chose to keep it on hold until she finishes University. She is the mastermind behind the group, a true strategist. One of her weaknesses is that she can over analyse life situations when sometimes things are as simple as they look.

Females, aged 18 to 30 from United Kingdom


Lucy's best friend is her guitar and her notepad, she is constantly writing lyrics for new songs. She has a magnetic charm. Lucy aspires to be a number one selling solo artist. Her weakness is that she finds it difficult to accept that people love her. Her father raised her alone due to her mother leaving when she was only eight years old. It was hard for her to leave home to go to University as she has always taken care of her father but he really pushed for her to follow her dreams.

Females, aged 18 to 30 from United Kingdom


Samantha has supportive parents with a happy-go-lucky attitude who like living a simple life. She also has three older brothers and was raised on a farm. . When she is in work mode as photographer she oozes confidence, and aims to be the top fashion photographer in Europe. She often out smarts the guys when it comes to men related hobbies. Her weakness is that she can be too much of a tomboy at times and some guys find this uncomfortable, as they don't feel as masculine around her.

Females, aged 18 to 30 from United Kingdom


Kris’ parents have no idea he is studying Creative Music, to their knowledge he is studying Law. Kris is a real blag-artist and likes to see how far he can push things. He’s also very promiscuous and is very open about it; he struggles with commitment.
He aspires to be a music producer and club DJ and plans to run his own record label once leaving University. He's witty, confident and forward. One of his weaknesses is that he sabotages relationships that are going well so he doesn't get hurt.

Males, aged 18 to 30 from United Kingdom


Reiss is cool, calm and collected and a hit with the ladies. His shyness only adds to his attraction. He aspires to be a professional actor and has magnetic presence on stage. Reiss was raised on a council estate by both of his parents. His father is an ex-football hooligan and works as a mechanic; he is unsupportive of Reiss’ involvement in drama. His weakness is that he can sometimes feel a little inadequate which stems from his father’s constant barrage of verbal abuse.

Males, aged 18 to 30 from United Kingdom


Leon grew up with both his parents and four older sisters, where he developed his passion for make-up. He can settle arguments diplomatically and is a constant emotional support for all his friends. He has a strong presence and is always attracting the girls even though he is actually gay. One of his weaknesses is that he takes care of everyone else’s business before his own, which leads him to neglect his own needs. His aspiration is to be the number one fashion make-up artist in Europe

Males, aged 18 to 30 from United Kingdom