LeBron James’s foundation made an extremely generous donation to a group of high school graduates last month, but the good deeds don’t stop there.

The LeBron James Family Foundation announced last month that it would be providing $41 million to cover tuition for 1,100 Ohio high school graduates so that they could attend the University of Akron.

Now the foundation is partnering up with Project Learn of Summit County, an organization that helps adults obtain GED certificates. The collaboration, titled “I PROMISE, Too,” will pay for parents of the children enrolled in the LeBron James Family Foundation’s scholastic-mentorship program to get financial and emotional assistance to obtain important life skills and high school equivalency credentials.

Included in the program are inspirational letters from James, HP laptop computers (that enrollees can keep if they finish the classes) and free bus and parking passes in order to get them to class. All costs for the GED program and tests will be covered, and prizes for progress, good attendance and more will be awarded (during an info meeting, six adults won speakers from Beats by Dre).

Helping these parents achieve their own education goals is a step in the right direction toward helping future generations get the support and information they need about school.

Kudos to the LeBron James Family Foundation and Project Learn of Summit County!

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