Over the last 3-4 years since the release of Precious, director Lee Daniels’ name has been attached to quite a few projects – Selma, Miss SaigonIcedAnna In The TropicsThe ButlerThe Paperboy, a Janis Joplin biopic and maybe more.

Some have been made and released; others remain in limbo. 

But it looks like Daniels has decided on which of the above he’ll tackle next: the long-in-development Janis Joplin biopic titled Get It While You Can.

He already has his actress too – Amy Adams is attached to star in the biopic – which will make it back-to-back biopics for director Daniels.

Fernando Meirelles and Catherine Hardwicke were previously attached to direct the film, in past years, and Renee Zellweger was once attached to star in the independently financed project.

Daniels tells THRThis is my next project for sure,” adding that, after being riveted by old videos of Joplin, “I had no idea Janis Joplin was so smart — intellectual, even. Look, some of the smartest people in the world have been drug addicts.

They have?

Daniels reveals more, saying: “Guess what? She [Amy Adams] can sing her ass off!” 

He also says that he already knows what he wants to do after his Joplin film, and what he’d like to do after that: “After Joplin, I’m hoping to get Miss Saigon off the ground. And then — I want to make a horror movie!

Some would argue that he’s already made at least one “horror movie.”

Whether he’ll have to work as hard as he’s hard to in the past to finance his next film, and those after it, I don’t know.

Joplin’s rather short life (she died at age 27), was a hard one, as she rode the 60s counterculture wave, the drugs and the alchohol that would eventually kill her at such a young age, and more. Daniels has suggested that he’s attracted this kinds of stories, so I suppose it’s right up his alley; And given Joplin’s worldwide popularity and influence over the years, it should be something of a prestige picture.

At the height of her career, she was known as “The Queen of Rock and Roll” as well as “The Queen of Psychedelic Soul.