Lewis Hamilton recently spoke on Formula 1’s (F1) new rule that requires race car drivers to seek permission before they disclose their stances on various topics.

In Dec. 2022, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) added this new rule to keep things fair and welcoming for all race fans, according to TMZ.

By hindering “the general making and display of political, religious and personal statements or comments notably in violation of the general principle of neutrality promoted by the FIA under its Statutes, unless previously approved in writing by the FIA for International Competitions, or by the relevant ASN for National Competitions within their jurisdiction,” the International Sporting Code now said, as reported by Sports Illustrated. The governing leadership believes will help with the sport’s inclusion and diversity appeal. 

The guideline has received pushback from drivers including George Russell and Hamilton, the seven-time Formula 1 champion who has a history of condemning racial injustice, wearing clothing to raise awareness about hot topics and supporting numerous world issues.


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On Wednesday, Hamilton mentioned he’s “not surprised” the governing leadership team put this in place, but it won’t stop him from rallying behind causes he believes in.

“These issues are still so important to be spoken about,” he said, as reported by TalkSport. “I think we’ve seen over the past couple of years how great it’s been to bring about awareness to things, spark conversation, hold organizations and people accountable in order for us to move forward. I think we’ve come a long way but there’s more to do.”

The United Kingdom native isn’t worried about the possible fines he may encounter if he remains true to himself.

“I’m going to continue to be me and fight the things I’m passionate about. I would never let anyone stop me from doing that so what will be will be.”