Uh oh. It seems like one of our favorite British folk/soul singers has devolved into problematic territory. Singer Lianne La Havas reacted on Thursday morning to the hashtag #BritsSoWhite, which called out the Brit Awards for snubbing artists of color, and the music industry for being inherently racist.


However, Lianne did not want to be included in the hashtag, believing that the music industry is fair. In her (now deleted) tweets she stated:

Apparently it went even further:


Naturally, twitter reacted accordingly:

1. Its. About. To. Go. Down.

2. Some were speechless

3. Like, let me re-read that right quick

4. Wait, what?

5. Let me read that one more time

6. Some were disappointed

7. Some thought she should have kept her mouth shut

8. Some were heartbroken

9. And had to call it quits

10. Some were not surprised at her lack of wokeness

11. And think they know the source of her problems

12. Some were ready to disown her:

13. Definitely not a list anyone wants to be part of

14. Time to delete all records of acknowledgement

15. But some kept to their original script

16. Glad they never wasted their time:

17.  Or had celebrity amnesia

Welp, time to choose a new fave.

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*Updated with receipts. 

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