Thousands of Americans celebrated former Vice President Joe Biden’s victory over President Donald Trump over the weekend. Many were hopeful about the future of the country given that Biden’s running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, would be the first-ever Black woman to hold the title of vice president.

Among those celebrating online was rapper Lil' Kim, who posted a congratulatory tweet on Saturday.

“See I told y’all GOD already had it worked out!” she wrote.

Shortly after Lil Kim’s congratulatory tweet, fans of the rapper pointed out that Harris was once critical of the 46-year-old after she was sentenced in 2005 for perjury and conspiracy, according to Yahoo! News

Prior to the start of Lil' Kim’s year-long prison sentence, BET released a miniseries in 2006 called Countdown to Lockdown. Harris, who was the district attorney for San Francisco at the time, shared that the Black community shouldn’t protect gangsters that abide by street codes of honor.

“It is much more serious than what is the code among friends on the street,” Harris said of the rapper’s involvement in a 2001 shooting outside the HOT 97 radio station in New York. “What I’d like to see is in the way that we’re handling cases like those of Lil Kim, we say as a community, that we’re not going to glorify the gangster.”

According to Female Rap Room, an online platform highlighting women in music, the “Crush On You” rapper appeared to bury the hatchet with the California senator in a response to a statement from her fan club.

The fan page Lil Kim Source wrote on Instagram this weekend, “Although she called you a ‘Glorified gangster’ we’re gonna support #bidenharris2020,” Yahoo! News reports.

The Brooklyn native, whose legal name is Kimberly Denise Jones, responded to the fan page’s comment, saying that while Harris’ sentiment may have come from a “hateful” place, she supports Black women achieving greatness.

“Right support sis any way because she’s a woman a black woman at that then she will see that her actions and words were coming from a hateful place from inside herself,” she wrote in screenshots captured by the Female Rap Room. “Seeing this will make her feel stupid and hateful still very happy that they Won period.”

Although the rapper indicated that she was still hurt by Harris’ comments, she said she was very pleased that the projected outcome is in favor of Biden and Harris.

Since the shooting, Lil' Kim has walked back her stance on the no-snitching culture.

"I testified falsely during the grand jury and at trial. At the time I thought it was the right thing to do, but I now know it was wrong,” she admitted, according to The New York Times.