The crowd at the BET Awards celebrated in the best possible way when treated to a stunning performance of Lil Nas X's ‘Montero (Call Me By My Name).’ Not only because of the gorgeous costuming and choreography in the performance, but also for the on stage kisses he gave two of his backup dancers.

The steamy moments of affection represent the first (and second) gay kisses ever seen on stage at the BET awards.

Predictably, social media was immediately on fire with comments about the kisses and the performance, with the majority of people expressing their support and excitement.

Others noted the importance of the timing of the performance coming as it did during Pride month. The performance also offered a very visible representation of black LGBTQ love, which many feel is often lacking in the media. 

While a few people expressed mild disapproval of the kiss and performance, most of the feedback was positive, including a standing ovation from the audience at the BET Awards ceremony itself. 

Online fans of the musician continued to reflect on his determination to be true to himself and his music no matter the opposition.