Lil Yachty has made some significant changes to his look and aesthetic, but some of his fans don’t support his decision.

On Monday, the “Let’s Start Here” rapper went to his X account, formerly known as Twitter, to reveal his new, slimmer look and haircut.

“She like my haircut, it turn her on!!!” Yachty tweeted. He shared the same photos of his new look on his personal Instagram account. The caption read, “i chopped da top, fukk it.”

Unfortunately, many people have chosen to ridicule Yachty instead of showing support for having the courage to undergo such a major transformation.

“Look like my Roblox character,” @cxlame tweeted.

“I just know he did something crazy 😂,” @kaytechofficial shared.

Based on the mixed reception, Yachty felt inclined to reveal the motivation and silence all the haters.

In addition to Yachty, other rappers have decided to refrain from drinking lean. In January 2022, Moneybagg Yo tweeted about his decision to quit lean:

While Yachty hasn’t fully revealed his new look, seeing how he grows into his new identity will be exciting.