Lil Yachty and J. Cole have come together for a new song and visual that arrived without warning on Friday. “The Secret Recipe,” video was directed by Lil Yachty and AMD Visuals. It is the third release from Yachty’s most recent album, Let’s Start Here, which also includes the popular singles “Strike (Holster)” and “Tesla,” and fans are excited about it.

Lil Boat opens the song by declaring himself “the secret recipe” behind the sound and style of some of your favorite rappers. He also takes aim at the haters who “refuse to act like I ain’t shift the sound like I ain’t push the culture.”

Cole takes a moment to brag about his influence on other artists’ songs.

“I’m on your song, your streams going up, not quite the Drake effect, but don’t complain bitch, take what you get and cut the label check,” he raps.

According to Complex, a press release describes the collaborative track as a piece of art that “embodies hip-hop’s competitive essence as both Yachty and Cole unpack their frustrations with the rap game while addressing the undeniable influence they’ve had on the culture throughout their careers.”

Regarding Yachty’s creative direction, he wants listeners to know that he will continue to be artistic without living up to others’ expectations of him, his sound, or his artistry.

“I’m just an artist, and you should never expect anything because I will always do something unexpected. Just don’t expect it. … You know, I hate to disappoint, but I’m here to disappoint if you start expecting shit,” he told Complex.

It’s victory for Lil Yachty to have verse from the legendary rapperand this is J. Cole and Lil Yachty’s first joint effort.

Recently, Cole blessed Lil Durk’s Almost Healed single “All My Life” with a verse that skyrocketed to No. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.