Over a year after the immense success of his Laugh at My Pain, comedian/actor Kevin Hart, currently one of the busiest men in the biz, will see another stand-up comedy movie, titled Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain, released by Lionsgate, this summer, July 4, via its partnership with CodeBlack Entertainment.

A bold move there by both Lionsgate and CodeBlack, opening the concert film on the 4th of July holiday weekend – traditionally a date that studios pitch their summer tentpole release tents; Disney's Lone Ranger and UIniversal's Despicable Me 2 will both open the day before, so I suppose we could consider the likely R-rated Let Me Explain counter-programming to those two family-oriented flicks.

Financed and executive produced by Hart and his Hartbeat Productions and produced by Clanagan, Let Me Explain includes a 2012 10-country concert tour, which saw Hart travel to 80 cities, generating over $32 million in ticket sales. 

You'll recall last May's announcement that Lionsgate formed a partnership with Jeff Clanagan, the founder of CodeBlack.

CodeBlack also released Kevin Hart: Laugh at My Pain, which grossed $7.7 million in USA box office alone.

Might they see a similar kind of success with Kevin Hart: Let Me Explain? We'll see…

As I said, Hart has a busy year ahead of him, with roles in several films and at least one TV show, set to debut in 2013.