We continue to unwrap the package… leading up to the eventual unveiling of Rod Gailes OBC's Soft Focus – the winner of the second Shadow And Act Black Filmmaker Challenge winning script.

The completed film will premiere next week Wednesday, June 13, at NYU Cantor Film Center, 7pm (tickets HERE), as part of a retrospective of Rod's work, which will feature the premiere of Soft Focus, a roughly 25-minute film that stars Damion Omar Lee, Angela Lewis, Madeleine Dauzart, and introducing Aaron Clifton Moten (currently appearing in the hit Broadway play, A Streetcar Named Desire).

Selected as the 2nd Shadow And Act Filmmaker Script Challenge Winner in 2011, Soft Focus is a portrait of Marcus

… a repressed college student pursuing a deeper carnal knowledge to escape his religiously strident home life.

The NYC event will be hosted by Rod himself, along with a few special guests. But in the meantime, consider listening to the film's 14-track soundtrack, courtesy of the filmmaker.

In his own words:

As a kid I LOVED Movie Soundtracks! "GREASE", "XANADU", "Saturday Night Fever", "FAME"! Sitting in front of the stereo with album art sprawled out in front of me in the pre-music video era was a complete joy. The "Soft Focus" Soundtrack is a love letter to that time, a gift to audiences interested in a going on a pre-screening ride or a post screening remembrance. Download the record, decipher the album art, and come to the movie with the music already in your bones like I did with "Purple Rain" so many years ago.

Warmest Regards, Rod Gailes OBC

Artists contributing to the soundtrack include Lynette Williams and Dynasty Electric.

You can either listen to all 14 tracks below, or click HERE to download them all in MP3 format (there are others) so you can listen wherever and however you'd like to.

The completed film will eventually make its online debut here on S&A, but stay tuned for details on when that will happen.

Again, next week's premiere/retrospective will be held Wednesday, June 13, at NYU Cantor Film Center, 36 East 8th Street, beginning at 7pm.

For you NYC folks, click HERE to pre-purchase tickets to the event; they are $10 each (details are on the image above); The rest of you, stay tuned.

The music player follows immediately below; the full poster and trailer underneath: