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Posted under: News Videos

Little Miss Flint Calls Out Donald Trump On Flint Water Crisis

This little girl has her notes ready and is looking for answers.

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The kids of today are woke and can make sense of the false political and social implications set by Donald Trump. Amariyanna Copeny, the 9-year-old girl from Flint, Michigan who is also known as “Little Miss Flint,” blasted the President for not honoring his pledge to “fix” the ongoing water calamity the people of Flint are currently enduring.

At a “We Belong Together” protest, Amariyanna questions the priorities of the President, rightfully criticizing Trump’s decision to solely focus on building a border before fixing the pipelines contaminated with lead in her city. Little Miss Flint has met Trump personally in the past, and let’s just say he isn’t really here for the kids.

Photo: Reddit

“He didn’t even let me ask one question… he promised that we would fix Flint. Unfortunately, this was one promise he failed to keep,” said the young advocate.

The city of Flint is currently solely relying on water bottles to hydrate and to use for cooking purposes.

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