In Lizzo‘s HBO documentary, Love, Lizzo, the singer got candid about how she feels when people attack her and her music. She spoke on the matter again as a recent guest on The Howard Stern Show. This time the “About Damn Time” singer is clapping back. 

As reported by Uproxx, Stern asked her to “address” the comments she gets about “making white music.”

“[It is] very hurtful only because I am a Black woman,” she said. “I feel like it challenges my identity and who I am. It diminishes that, which I think is really hurtful. And on the other end, I’m making funky, soulful, feel-good music that is so similar to a lot of Black music that was made for Black people in the ’70s and ’80s.”

She mentioned she thinks music should be for everyone, adding, “Then, on top of that, my message is literally for everybody and anybody. And I don’t try to gatekeep my message from people.” 

Lizzo claimed that the misinterpretation of her music might result from people not truly knowing her. 

“So, all three of those things from me, and I’m like, you don’t even get me at all,” she continued. “I feel like a lot of people truthfully don’t get me, which is why I wanted to do the documentary. I feel like y’all don’t get me. Y’all don’t know where I came from. And now, I don’t want to answer no more questions about this s**t. I just want to show the world who I am.”