All of us could use a little peace and calm on our timelines thanks to the daily deluge of bad news, infighting and nastiness that comes out of social media sometimes.

Lizzo and SZA decided to provide a little tranquility to their fans, hopping on Instagram Live to play some soothing music.

Lizzo used her mastery of the flute to play a beautiful tune while SZA used a Tibetan singing bowl to set the tone.

"As your heart beats, it sends a vibration through your body. Imagine all the water and blood and organs in your body vibing to your heartbeat, like a drum.. again.. and again… The higher you vibrate, the higher your body can function. Music is a tool to get to that high vibration, it’s heart opening. Thank you @sza for letting me raise the frequency with you. Some people didn’t understand, but they gon feel it. In case you missed it, here’s something to meditate to— open yo chakras and yo mouth and sing with us!!! I promise you’ll feel better," Lizzo wrote on her Instagram page.

Fans of the chart-topping musicians enjoyed the session and flooded social media with responses. Here are some of the best ones.

The jam session got a lot of love on Instagram thanks to more than 300,000 views, but fans took to Twitter to talk about how wonderful it was.


Someone even took note of a hilarious Instagram Live comment.

Another fan explained what the stars were talking about during the session.

One enterprising Twitter user turned the music into its very own beat.

A few people got in on the meditation and let a popular Buddhist chant ring out.

It reminded one fan of a little Beyoncé.

…and Blue Ivy!

A few fans had the good sense to suggest the two singers drop an album together.

For most of us, it was just another reminder of something we all know.

The session drew more than 11,000 viewers and lasted about 45 minutes, with Lizzo playing her Sasha flute and SZA sitting beside a large crystal.