With all the talk these days about the Sparkle remake, it made me wonder what original star singer/actress Lonette McKee (The Cotton Club, ‘Round Midnight, Jungle Fever) has been up to recently. Well, she’s still singing professionally and, according to IMDB, she’ll also appear in an upcoming dramatic film from director Miguel Cruz Carretero titled Deauville.

Deauville will also feature performances from Lara Flynn Boyle, Isabella Rossellini, and legendary musician George Benson. McKee’s character in the film is called “Noelle – The Jazz Singer”, and Benson’s character is called “George – The Singer”.

I wasn’t able to locate much information on Deauville, but I did find this somewhat vague synopsis on the website of the film’s Italian producer Company Of Arts/the Dreambuster:

“It is actually a ruthless story on the human enigma that involves a group of foreigners, most of which are American, [who] lived in Deauville and Paris towards the end of the 40s, where Jazz is taking its place in the shadow of hardship that transforms itself into splendor.

It is a drama that makes you reflect on the absurdity of life and on how existence is in some cases a real game of destiny that repeats itself and makes us new players with new views.”

I don’t really know what to make of that synopsis, but I’ll keep an eye out for any future updates or additional information on Deauville, and provide them as they develop.