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The importance of Chance the Rapper buying back tickets from scalpers

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Chance the Rapper is the anomaly in a music industry dominated by the major labels. He's openly shunned a recording contract, built up an enormous fan base, and released music with his friends that are changing the industry. He's also buying tickets back from scalpers so you don't have to use that Arthur fist meme after you see "sold out" on your computer screen. Seriously, how great is that? So when his Coloring Day festival popped up, Chance went out into the world himself to drag those electronic tickets back into the right hands.

Coloring Day itself looks lit.

It sold out, but Chance was on it.

First, he urged fans not to give up.

No country for scalpers.

Yes, Chance. In the words of Joanne the Scammer, it's iconic!

Everyone was impressed.

This is important. The aftermarket retail circuit runs rampant with huge markups that most people can't afford. Hot button items like Beyoncé tickets can go for a hundred times what they're worth on retail. While immensely profitable for those with the cash to do it, the often illegal practice changes the landscape of the event or item covered. Limited edition goods like Yeezys, for example, go for thousands of dollars. It's inherently inaccessible in nature for fans to go see their favorite artists live. Situations like this make it that much worse. Although most die-hard fans spend money on their favorite artists music, it's an added bonus to be able to witness them live. With this in mind, it's crazy that it would take someone like Chance, an independent artist, to try to curb this behavior through sheer force of will. The truth is, the music industry, ticket companies and venues need to do more to address these problems.

We salute you, Chance!

childish gambino atlanta
childish gambino atlanta
Photo: Giphy


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