Following Terry Crews' filing a lawsuit against Adam Venit (Crews claimed the WME agent sexually assaulted him at an industry party), WME lawyers filed a request that a mental health assessment be conducted for Crews. Of course, many side-eyed that specific turn of events, wondering why it was necessary for the survivor of an alleged traumatic incident to undergo such an assessment.

Now, however, the whole case has come to a halt. According to E! Online, the Los Angeles City Attorney and Los Angeles County D.A. have rejected Crews' criminal case, citing that the incident does not rise to felony levels.

"Given that the suspect did not make contact with the victim's skin when he grabbed the victim's genitals and there is no restraint involved, a felony filing is declined," stated the document filed by the D.A.

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The L.A. city attorney ended up rejecting the case due to the statute of limitations ending, as the alleged incident occurred in February 2016. The statute of limitations is one year for a misdemeanor.

Crews fired WME as his agency and filed a separate civil suit against both the agency and Venit.