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Every week I’m blessed to share the stories of people who’ve made comebacks in their lives on my podcast called Comeback with Erica Cobb. My motto is “everyone is deserving of the comeback they are willing to earn.” Right now, as the pandemic edges closer to an end, I’m doing a series profiling Black-owned business owners to see if they’re making comebacks following the big push in the last year to #SupportBlackBusiness. Truth is, I know a thing or two about making a comeback.

2013 was the personal “pandemic” year of my life. I was unemployed, going through a divorce and bankruptcy. During this time I remember watching the Being Mary Jane premiere. In the episode, Mary Jane was asking what she had to show for being a good girl, and I felt that with my whole soul. I graduated from university, did the internships, landed at the heritage radio station as “the morning girl” in a top market and married. So, how did I get here?

There were days in my setback season when I couldn’t get out of bed, drank way too much and had such little regard for my own existence that I put myself at risk, seemingly tempting fate. It was my mom, who was on her knees every night praying, that helped me turn things around. She eventually motivated me to show up and fight for myself. The tempting fate in my life was actually killing her. I couldn’t let her carry that, and I couldn’t go out like that.

I had created a life that looked really great on paper and social media, but had no real foundation or substance. I achieved my 12-year-old childhood dream job of being a morning radio host on my favorite Chicago radio station. I thought I could coast from that point forward. I married a really great person, but we both realized it was a first date that never ended. I had manufactured an image of success, creating an inevitable financial reckoning. So, I had to get real — like for real, real — and create a comeback for the life I knew I truly deserved. I share my comeback story with you in hopes that you find the inspiration to stage your comeback too.