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Posted under: Business Culture

This Brooklyn Businessman Got A Huge Boost When Singer Frenchie Davis Spotted Him Knitting On A Train

Davis snapped a photo, posted it Facebook and the entrepreneur's business boomed.

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Unsuspecting Brooklyn entrepreneur Louis Boria was riding the train and knitting in late November when he was photographed by Broadway star and former American Idol contestant Frenchie Davis. 

She posted the photo and shared it on Facebook with the caption suggesting that Boria was knitting as a relaxation tool but it was much more. 

“This brotha on the train is my hero today,” she wrote in the Nov. 20 post. “#SelfCareOnTheSubway.” Instantly the post took off with 1,000 likes and scores of comments sparking a boost in business from his newfound popularity. 

“Hi Frenchie!!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for this!” Boria, 42, wrote under her post.

In 2009, Boria started his company Brooklyn Boy Knits after falling in love with the craft a year prior. He tried learning from knitting books but turned to YouTube as an instructional guide.

Since then, Boria has used his gift for creating customized knitted items to help the homeless by handing out up to three scarves a day to those in need and by helping Puerto Rico disaster relief in a silent auction. 

“For the first time in 10 years, I have pending orders,” Boria told The New York Daily News. “I’m a fast knitter, but I’ve been telling customers to give me a three- to four-week delivery time.”

The post changed everything.

Boria's one-man operation has seen an uptick in orders. He now hopes to take this moment and turn his company into a bustling venture. “... I’m passionate about this and I need to take a leap and pursue this opportunity.”

But he could not forget Davis. He vowed to send her the scarf he made in the photo as a thank you to the singer and actress. 

“I love s*** like this,” Davis, who acted in the Broadway production of Rent, wrote on Facebook. “The universe be workin’.”

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