Love Is Blind star Marshall Glaze is apologizing for old tweets in which he made negative remarks about Black women and expressed his preference for Latina women. The Season 4 cast member is under fire for old tweets that have resurfaced.

Fans of the Netflix competition caught wind of the 2011 posts the marketing manager made. Fans then called him a “colorist” and “anti-Black.”

According to Bossip, the screenshots of the tweets were shared by a Reddit user. Glaze has been one of the season’s standouts due to his calm nature and likability. Because of this, fans were surprised at the old tweets.

A series of tweets from Glaze questionably mentioned Black women and their conversations about men.

“A group of sad Black girls that sit in a damn circle sharing their stories on why MEN’ ain’t s**t’,” he wrote in one tweet, continuing: “I’ll tell you, BLACK females. Why?”

Glaze responded to the backlash with an apology and explained why he left the tweets on his account, despite him being a public figure now. He also referenced a similar situation with his cousin Justin Glaze, who was a contestant on The Bachelorette.

“I’m seeing a lot of my old tweets surface from years ago,” he said, as Bossip reported. “This happens to pretty much everyone who goes into the public eye. It happened to my cousin and I knew it’d happen to me.”

“Let me be clear, like I said to someone earlier…things change. I was a sad teenager with a lot of issues when I tweeted a lot of that. I’ve grown and do not feel or think the same way.”

Blaze added he had nothing to hide and would have deleted the tweets if they were true.

He then mentioned that keeping the tweets up was a way to show “progression as an individual. As a human. Those old tweets are just my proof that I have evolved.”

Glaze was likely around 18 when he made the comments.

“I thank God for the opportunity to be damaged, seek clarity and forgiveness, and develop into a better person,” Glaze said in his apology.

After the controversy continued to brew, Glaze took to his Instagram Story and apologized again for disrespecting Black women.


“Please allow me the space to again, take accountability for those tweets from 2014 and earlier. 2023 Marshall is ashamed of the young, less developed and immature version who published those tweets,” he said, as Bossip reported. “This time let me direct a public apology to some of the phenomenal Black women in life. Let this be an apology to all of the incredible Black women around the globe.”

Glaze later deleted his Twitter account after posting the second apology.