According to Love & Marriage: Huntsville star Destiny Payton, she is getting the hate up close and personal. If it’s one thing about fans of reality shows, they are going to speak their minds. The beauty store owner alleges she was confronted by angry fans at her store in Alabama over what’s been happening on the show and it’s impacting her work.

Fans confront Payton

As reported by Urban Belle Mag, Payton shared that fans have taken their disdain for her to another level by confronting her at her beauty supply store, Madonni. It came as a shock to her.

"That’s been an interesting and difficult journey. It’s sad because a lot of the people who are doing that is making a mockery and a joke of a Black Business Being, going through its ups and downs, and a Business period that somebody put their Blood and sweat, and tears into," she said in the video.

She added: “And especially the type of Business that I have and how hard it is to even get into that industry and to sustain in. But the funny part about it is most of the people that support it and locally the Brick and mortar are people that are fans from out of town. So I see more fans popping in and out of the store than I do our local community.”

Check out more in the video below: