Much of the drama that goes down on Love & Marriage: Huntsville spills onto social media. This season, Marsau and LaTisha Scott have enough within their own family to even worry about fights with co-stars. LaTisha’s cousin Keke has teamed up with Melody Shari (formerly Holt), LaTisha’s former friend, to reveal that her cousin’s marriage is not as perfect she tries to make it appear. Keke is upset with the Scott’s over Marsau reportedly telling her personal business to Melody. Now, alleged arrest records of the Scotts have surfaced and many wonder if Keke was involved.

LaTisha Scott accuses a fan of trying to extort her

It’s unclear what exactly LaTisha was arrested for as she hasn’t confirmed anything, but she did call out the woman who contacted her regarding posting the story. LaTisha made it known that she refuses to be extorted and will take matters into her own hands. She’s since deleted the post. 

Marsau Scott sets the record straight about his record

Urban Belle Mag reports that the drama went down on social media, leaving Marsau to address fans directly. One fan wrote on Facebook: “I’m shocked, I just saw a post of a mugshot and arrest record of Marsau and Tisha. And I wonder while they were telling Keke’s personal business to Mel and Martell, I wonder if Tisha and Marsau told Mel and Martell that they too had been arrested!”

Marsau responded to the comment directly.

He wrote, “Newsflash: they are Black in America. One was for owning an unsafe building (the apartments we bought in 2010). And the other was for telling an officer that he was blocking an entrance to my brother’s office (in a spirited tone). Both dropped. Anything else?”

Cousin Keke makes it known this wasn’t her doing

With all of the drama surrounding Keke and the Scotts, many fans wondered if Keke is the person to leak her cousin’s record. She denied such in her own social media comment. “Now I’m actually here with you here!!! I don’t understand what ANY mugshots have to do with anything!!!! I’m good on addressing mine!!!! Idgaf either way!!!! And that’s on 100,” she wrote.

Screenshots can be viewed in the below videos: