Things between now-divorced couple Martell Holt and Melody Shari are on better terms as co-parents. After a volatile split and custody issues between the Love & Marriage: Huntsville stars, the two recently vacationed together with their children. Some fans are not happy about it. 

She previously denied reconciliation rumors

Fans speculated that the two were back together after an alleged physical altercation erupted between Martell and the Scott brothers after years of mounting tensions. Melody went live on Instagram and explained that the brawl involved their children and it’s the sole reason she and Martell banned together. She later clarified things on social media and even admitted she was puzzled that people were excited at the two potentially reconciling.

“I really think my face says it all, however, check out the article. It’s very interesting to me how soo many people encourage women to stay in emotionally draining and abusive situations,” she captioned a blog post she shared on her IG regarding the chatter about her and Martell reconciling. “Then, if/when they leave, they’re actually encouraged to return. Let me be super clear, YEARS of behavior doesn’t change overnight, in a few months etc. It takes extensive therapy and YEARS of self-work. Let’s normalize choosing self, peace, higher vibrations, and better energy. Love y’all.”

The two appear to be in a co-parenting place

Melody and Martell have not filmed any scenes together on this season of Love & Marriage: Huntsville. Following the explosive season 3 reunion, Melody vowed she wouldn’t film with Martell again unless he learned to speak to her respectfully. It appears things have been better between the two.

In an interview, Martell apologized for the past hurt he caused his ex and revealed they’d been filming together for the latter half of the season, which will air eventually. For Martell, he says the important thing now for him is the well-being of their children and that they are united for them regardless of being divorced.


Their recent family vacation recently caused a stir online

As reported by Urban Belle Mag, Things are apparently so good between the former couple that Martell accompanied Melody, her mother, and their four children on a family vacation in Destin, FL. It’s a vacation spot they visited several times as a family throughout their marriage. 

Per Melody, their son Martell Jr., aka Tank, went live on Instagram to share moments from their trip. The video showcased Martell trying to put out a smoke detector in what appeared to be a rental home from their children preparing breakfast. Some fans were not happy about the blended family back together again, in any capacity, and many have questions.

Watch the below video fo more info: