Love and Marriage: Huntsville star Martell Holt is in the hot seat again. Arionne Curry, his longtime ex-mistress and mother to his youngest child, is furious with him due to his relationship with RHOA star Sheree Whitfield. This new romance has been an issue with Curry as she claims Holt is still trying to link up with her. She recently blasted him on social media following photos of Holt and Whitfield surfacing from an episode taping of RHOA.

Holt and Whitfield were spotted together filming for the upcoming season of 'The Real Housewives of Atlanta' while attending Aaron Ross' 40th birthday party.

As reported by Urban Belle Mag, Curry said after he was done filming, he made his way to Curry’s home and called and emailed her dozens of times in an alleged attempt to see their son. Curry claims Holt just wants to save face for her knowing he’s with Whitfield and that he’s continued making advances at her, all the while trying to cover it up by trying to see their child.

Curry took to Instagram to talk about her recent run-in with Holt and had the screenshots to prove it. 

She wrote on her IG story:

“He so slick he hides the car and walks to the backyard. Whole time I’m thinking he gone. Next thing I know he banging on the back door talking about haha I see you trying to hide. I jumped looking stupid trying to peep around.”

She then wrote that she got their son Knox ready "in the front with his bag and car seat" only for Holt to say he'd come back another day.

“It’s another game she says Holt plays to keep her under his spell and control. “And what he tell me ima come back and get him when I get my other kids,” she continued. “But I thought you wanted yo son so Bad……. Yeah right.”

Curry then shared email exchanges between the two, with her forbidding him from coming to her home unannounced and him calling her disrepscteful. He then reportedly sent an email simply writing, “Sorry.”

"Lol Now he sorry……..Inspector gadget really tried it today," she continued.

“This has been my life for years now. Y’all seeing some bulls**t on TV!!!” she wrote in another story. “Crazy right. I didn’t bother him all weekend. I never do. I let him party at the chateau….. Sad,” she added, referencing Whitfield’s Georgia mansion.

This isn't the first time she called him out.

When photos of Holt and Whitfield first surfaced, she expressed regret for ever having dated and having a baby by a married man. She also called Whitfield an “old b—h,” with Whitfield coining a new hashtag #oldandcold. WHEW.