Love and Marriage: Huntsville stars Martell Holt and Melody Holt (aka Melody Shari) are in a custody battle, despite their previous arrangement of having joint physical and legal custody of their four children. Melody recently shared it’s Martell who is requesting full custody. Her cousin recently took to social media to air Martell out, claiming he is full of stunts and is bitter.

Martell wants full custody, as Meloody told The Shade Room

Holt previously threatened to fight for full custody because he felt Melody was working too much.

Many fans thought he was unreasonable and he was just trying to get even with her by filing for divorce, ending their 14-year marriage over his long-term affair and love child.

Martell shades Melody on Instagram

There are constant rumors about Martell not being as involved in his children’s lives as he presents on social media. He’s also maintained that during his marriage, he was the “dominant parent.” Martell recently shaded Melody in an Instagram post on their children’s first day of school.

“Certain things as parents we shouldn’t miss. I won’t miss birthdays, holidays, school functions…well, I guess I ain’t miss anything!” he captioned a post, hinting at Melody’s absence. “Martell continued, “HAPPY 1st day back to my 5th, 4th, and 1st graders! Smart and very well-rounded kids.”

Melody shot back in an IG live, noting that she had to take her kids’ packed lunches because Martell did not.

Martell gets called out by Melody's cousin

Melody’s cousin has had enough of Martell and feels this is all a publicity stunt. In a lengthy Facebook post, the cousin wrote:

“Let me just gon head and sit this BS here and call it out for what it is!!! You really mad that she ain’t show up for your publicity stunt this morning and came later for the very reason!! It had nothing to do with the kids but everything to do with your ego being hurt!! But pop your **** sis – Heavy on the SIS! Cause it’s giving I’m on my period energy!” Urban Belle Mag reports.

She referenced Christmas in 2020

She continued, “This is interesting because in 2020 I remember my cousin having to rush and grab a Christmas tree and gifts two days before Christmas because he decided not to be with them nor did he gift them ONE gift. He also skipped Sugar Mama’s birthday the same year (her first birthday). Then Mel invited us to Mariah and Maliah’s birthday parties THIS year and told us he’s been invited just to make us aware (so we could play nice). Guess what he was? A no-show.” when fans got on her by coming for Martell she had this to say  “…I’ve never once came for Martell as a father! I’ve actually defended him in some accusations or stayed quiet. This is a temper tantrum because Mel wouldn’t take a pic!! So yeah I’m calling it out for what it is! BS!”

The post can be viewed in the Empress Radio post below: