In the last year we've introduced you to a number of French-produced films centered around stories about people of African descent, like Case Départ, Intouchables, the Toussaint L'Ouverture feature starring Jimmy Jean-Luis, and 30° Couleur, to name a few.

The last one mentioned was Lucien Jean-Baptiste's last work (he wrote, directed and starred in it), and it was released in March of this year, but only in France. It hasn't traveled yet as far as I know, and I know several of you expressed interest in it when we profiled it several months ago.

While we wait, you should know that Monsieur Jean-Baptiste is already in production on his next feature film – a project titled La Vraie vie des profs.

Roughly translated as "The True Life Of Teachers," the film is said to take place at a high school in Marseille that is turned upside down after a group of students create a website exposing their teachers' lives outside of the classroom. 

Lucien Jean-Baptiste stars in the film, alongside Audrey Fleurot, with Emmanuel Klotz and Albert Pereira-Lazaro co-directing.

The film is being produced by 2.4.7. Films, the company behind films like Persepolis and Delicacy.

And further, it's been announced that Universal Pictures International has added the film to its 2013 theatrical release slate, but only in France as of right now.

Lucien Jean-Baptiste has been in the business since around 1999, although he hasn't appeared in any films or TV shows I immediately recognize (they're all local to France, so our France-based readers will likely be familiar with some of the titles). But with 30° Couleur, and now La Vraie vie des profs, we're all a little more familiar than we were 6 months ago. 

The project is now on my alert list, so we'll be following its progress.

For now, watch the trailer for his last film 30° Couleur as a refresher below; full poster follows underneath: