'Luke Cage': Look behind-the-scenes into the fire hip-hop score

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| August 31 2016,

05:09 am

Luke Cage has the streets on fire. And if you've been reading anything in the blerd section over here, you know I'm a stan. As the most anticipated thing in the culture right now, the rollout is hitting on every level. First we got the teaser at SDCC. Then we got that extended official trailer not long after. And I've been waxing poetic about it all, because Luke Cage the Power Man is my favorite Marvel character ever. That's just facts

But we're here to talk about the music, fam.

' We already knew that Ali Shaheed Muhammad — the A Tribe Called Quest legend — was on this project. But from the very first trailer we saw set to ODB, I knew that the music on this thing was gonna be lit. Not to mention every episode being named after a Gangstarr track
Luke Cage will be available for immediate binging purposes on September 30th, aka the newest black national holiday.
Photo: Giphy
Photo: Giphy
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