I’m sick today folks… came down with a nasty cold last night, so posts from me may be erratic today, as I fall in and out of my drug-induced stupor.

I thought I saw a tweet from Idris Elba asking his followers if they’d be interested in seeing Luther as a comic book; I believe this was about a week ago.

Looks like this is what he was referring to. It’s all part of the marketing strategy for the upcoming new season of Luther, which debuts on BBC One tomorrow at 9PM. Although BBC America won’t be airing the series until the fall. But I do expect that UK fans of the series will likely tape and upload each episode onto YouTube soon after each episode airs across the pond.

Courtesy of the folks at Bleeding Cool… here’s the first look at the Luther comic book created by the BBC. Plans are to produce another six pages at the show’s website.