Tyler Perry

I love Sci Fi, I love the Alien movies and the Alien franchise. I was very disappointed with Prometheus, but I love that whole franchise. Those are my favorite movies. I’m actually working on a sci-fi movie right now.

Tyler Perry's words in an interview with BlackFilm.com while marketing his upcoming Madea's Witness Protection.

Alright now Mr Perry. I see you sir… Do you! Keep expanding, growing, broadening the brand; but just don't get too far ahead of yourself now, because, I don't know about the rest of you folks, but I'm thinking, lemme first see what this Alex Cross movie is like before I jump on the Tyler Perry sci-fi movie train.

As for details on what this sci-fi project might be, he doesn't give anything away, other than to say that he's writing it, and that he's excited about it.

We can only hope that, whatever it is, it's absent of any Madea sightings.

But seriously folks… Maybe it's just me, but anyone else feel like he seems to be in a rush to do everything, and to do it all as soon as possible? I almost wish he'd slow down, and take time to really work on and develop each project, making each one the best they can possibly be. He's just cranking these things out like mad. In addition to that, he has the TV shows, and he still tours with his plays. All that can't be in his best interest, right? I guess he's making a boatload of money, so if that's the measure of success you go by, then you could say he's winning!

But if not, then well… *shrug*

Worth noting in the interview is that Perry shares his disappointment with Ridley Scott's Prometheus.