Twitter is on one again. Late last night into the wee hours of morning, the Twitterverse decided to put their collective insomnia to good use by remixing hit television shows with a hip hop spin using the hashtag #MakeTVHipHop…and they went in:

1. What do you get when you mix a classic Spike Lee Joint with Game of Thrones?

2. How about when you sprinkle a pinch of truth to Chris Rock’s hilarious sitcom?

3. That moment you realize that Cube and Elmo called a truce

4. Cut it!

5. And they just kept coming

6. School is in session

7. Others were just patiently waiting to pull this one out of the archives

8. Someone saw fit to bring throwback cartoons into the mix.

9. Others thought it was high time to integrate 80’s soap operas

10. And once they got the hang of it, there was no stopping them.

11. Ha! I can see it.

12. And then #Jesus came through with a banger

13. What if Flava Flav curated Boy Meets World?

14. And then there was this gem

15. Damn Daniel! I see what you did there

16. But lowkey though, this TV show concept could really work

17. Shout out to my cusp millennials

18. I’ll just sit this right here for ya

19. I mean, he did threaten to run for President, so…

20. Because this was necessary

21. And the winner is…

And again, Twitter remains undefeated in the random creative hashtag department. Hollywood TV executives, take note.

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