Chief Theresa Kachindamoto is a mother of five and a chief of her Malawian district in southeast region of Africa. It may sound like Kachindamoto is just an average working mom, but in Malawi it is rare for a woman to hold such an esteemed position. In addition to being a chief for 13 years, Kachindamoto has used her position to help improve the lives of young girls in her district.

Over her time in power, Chief Kachindamoto has helped to break up over 850 child marriages within three years and passed a law that makes any union with a person younger than 18yo illegal. Some people have shared their disdain for her ruling because they believe it is shaming traditional practices, but Kachindamoto is not fazed by the naysayers.

“I have terminated 330 marriages, yes, of which 175 were girl-wives and 155 were boy-fathers. I wanted them to go back to school and that has worked,” Kachindamoto said to NyasaTimes last June.

And to keep her educational promise to the youth, she has helped pay some of their school fees or find others who are willing to do the same. Kachindamoto believes the key to freedom and a stronger nation is education and investing in the youth to ensure their success is worth any battle.

Overall, Kachindamoto is one of our sheroes!

Photo: gifsoup

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