The Black communities in Washington, D.C. and Chicago have deeply expressed their love for the famed Mambo sauce. Now, McDonald’s is bringing the well-known condiment to restaurants nationwide for a limited time and has released a documentary to celebrate its cultural history.

The fast-food chain partnered with Black business owners, entrepreneurs and personal chefs for a short film, The Love of Mambo. In the documentary, several culinary professionals shared their stories and how they managed to keep Mambo sauce a staple in the community.

The project features four culinary creatives who keep Mambo sauce at the forefront of their brands: Arsha Jones, owner of the popular brand Capital City; Jermaine Smith, co-owner of Henry’s Soul Café (Washington, D.C); Anthony Thomas, personal chef and author (Washington, D.C) and Tina Gray, personal chef and owner of What’s On The Menu? (Chicago).

The Love of Mambo is available on McDonald’s official YouTube channel. 

In late September, McDonald’s announced it would launch two new dipping sauces, Mambo sauce and Sweet and Spicy Jam, on Oct. 9. 

Mambo sauce is a tomato-based, sweet, spicy and vinegary dipping sauce created in the 1960s for those unfamiliar with the cultural staple. Since then, it has become a well-known additive to cultural dishes.

Would you try McDonald’s new Mambos sauce?

Watch the four-minute film below.