Police arrested a man in Tulsa, Oklahoma last week after finding more than 20 explosive devices in a car parked near the historic Black community known as Black Wall Street.

According to Fox 23, the man is identified as 32-year-old Daniel Charba.

Police said they found the car parked at an auto repair shop, located less than two miles from the historic Greenwood and Archer intersection on Black Wall Street, and tracked it to Charba. When police searched Charba’s home in west Tulsa, they found more explosives.

Police said they found a total of about 20 explosives and 50 pounds of chemical precursors, The Black Wall Street Times reported.

Black residents in the city still feel the pain of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre. Thousands lost their lives and their businesses at that time when the community was attacked with city-sanctioned bombs and burnings.