Mara Brock Akil‘s acting skills are receiving praise across social media. For those who don’t know, Akil is the creator of Girlfriends and Love Is, and she was recently featured in the visual promo for Tyler, The Creator‘s Golf le Fleur clothing line’s Lacoste campaign.

In the clip, Akil learns that her flight is canceled, so she leaves the airport and tries flagging down a taxi, but the ride explodes before she makes her way inside. She then proceeds to catch a boat, which ends up leaving her stranded on a beach. After being rescued by a helicopter, Akil is finally dropped off at the front door of her family’s house and they pose for photos soon after her arrival.

“I made it,” she says exuberantly.

The clip garnered plenty of love after Akil shared it on her Instagram page.

“I tried really hard to pay attention to the clothes but the drama, the direction, the acting… let me go back,” popular content creator Ty Alexander wrote.

People were completely caught off guard when they saw Akil’s hidden talent.

“I’m so confused. Wait. Hold up. You actin now?!? We need a catch up. I can’t keep up,” writer Jodie Patterson said.

Many more people followed up with praise.

“Amazingly creative and hilarious!!!” actress Skye Marshall wrote.

According to Vibe, Akil also showed off her acting skills when she recently appeared in a promo video for fashion brand Suzie Kondi. The 53-year-old gave viewers a look at her “get ready with me” routine, fixing her makeup and hair in the comfort of her grandmother’s bathroom while dancing to Whitney Houston‘s “Exhale (Shoop Shoop).” Akil included a poetic caption for her clip, reflecting on the sweet memories she made as a young woman at her grandmother’s home.

“A young Mara has the world at her fingertips within these four walls,” she wrote at the time. “Her adventure stems from carefree bike rides up and down Slauson and Overhill. Her imagination is a direct correlation to eavesdropping from the ‘kids table.’ Her beauty… well her beauty derives from the blush pink bathroom where she would watch her Grandmother, Mother, and Aunt, do the impossible — become even more stunning than before.”


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