A very awkward video featuring Marlon Wayans in which he meets a white cousin has gone viral. In the video, Marlon Wayans gets a surprise visit from a fourth cousin, who happens to be a white man.

According to Atlanta Black Star, Wayans as a guest on Big Boy’s radio show to promote his upcoming HBO special, The Headliners, but ended up discussing his family history. This is when Big Boy decided to introduce Sean Valentine, who said he discovered Wayans was his cousin from using DNA kit 23 and Me. Valentine isn’t just Wayans’ long lost cousin; he’s also the host of radio show Valentine in the Morning.

Wayans quickly used humor to deflect from his surprise, jokingly telling Valentine to "get yo white a-- off me."

Wayans asked Valentine if he was Irish, and when he answered in the affirmative, Wayans said, “I have Irish [blood].”

“I am 27 percent Irish. I didn’t know this,” he said. “I was making fun of white people. I feel bad because now I realize I was making fun of us.”

In another part of the conversation, Wayans brings the conversation to the more thornier side of having long-distance white relatives; the possibility that their ancestors had a hand in Black subjugation and torture.

Jokingly (as much as you can joke about serious matters like this), Wayans said, “So your great grandpa raped my great grandma? How you feel about that. How you feel about that, cousin? Cousin on the rape side.”

After Big Boy acknowledged that the meeting between the two men wasn’t working out, Valentine said he just wanted to say hello to Wayans. Wayans responded, “That’s what your great-great-grandpa said to my great-great-grandma–‘hello’–before he raped her.”

Also, when Valentine said he had DM'ed Wayans before about being related, Wayans quipped that he stopped answering Valentine back because he was white.

However, the two end the video exchanging contact information, so perhaps they will actually meet up in the future. But as for now, the clip has gotten a range of reactions, many of which are laughing at how Wayans handled the situation. According to Atlanta Black Star, one person quipped, “Lmfaoooo the way he moved away.” Another wrote, “Marlon said unhand me white man.”

Watch the video, starting at the 15:30 mark, below: