P.s. Marvel has requested a meeting… no idea what for… haha, you probably know better than me…

A tease from Vin Diesel, posted on his Facebook page earlier today. And of course, fanboys/girls across the web are all over themselves with speculation, wondering what Marvel would want with Vin Diesel.

In recent weeks, the studio has been announcing release dates for upcoming projects, through 2017, although they haven’t revealed what each of those movies will be. 

Some have suggested that Marvel may want Diesel for Black Panther. I say negative to that! I just don’t see it. 

Others think it might be Luke Cage. I don’t see that either.

Dr Strange is another popular guess. If I knew more about Strange, I’d be able to comment on that possibility. 

Another one is Vision, the android Avenger, which does have some support – a year ago, Diesel changed his Facebook profile pic to an image of the Marvel character.

Or, as others have guessed, maybe they want him to play a super-villain in an upcoming Marvel movie, like Thanos in The Avengers 2.

Or maybe it’s nothing at all…

Marvel generally likes to keep these kinds of things underwraps, so Diesel making his meeting with Marvel public, probably will be frowned upon by the studio. I won’t be surprised if the post disappears.

What do you think Marvel would want Vin Diesel for?