The intersectionality of hip-hop and comic book culture has always been big in the Black community. Growing up, it was the soundtrack to many new issues and graphic novel drops. Last year, Marvel Entertainment recognized this connection between these two mediums we love and announced a ton of comics. Releasing in October, these books would feature variant covers featuring our favorite characters, replacing our favorite artists, on some of the most iconic hip-hop covers of all time. Needless to say, blerds went brazy brazy, and the product jumped off the shelf.

Every comic book shop in America was booming.


For the people that missed out, or just weren’t up on it, Marvel is offering the chance to become legendary, on Jan. 6th, with the release of a Hip-Hop Variant Sampler, for the free, containing 14 of the most popular covers at (most of) your local comic book shops.

Wake up early, eat your Wheaties, whip on down to where you make your comic book-related purchases, and snag one up before it’s too late. Otherwise, when all the homies come through with that fire, you’ll be sitting in the corner, re-evaluating life like…


Marvel Entertainments deserves a round of applause. With this new release, the impending full-length motion picture featuring the king of Wakanda, and Harlem’s own Power Man, Luke Cage, coming soon on Netflix, they definitely have the jump on DC so far this year.