Ava DuVernay on the set of "Selma"Ask and you shall receive, as the saying goes. I recall her name was mentioned by a number of you, in a previous post in which I asked about your choices for black directors for upcoming black superhero movies… like Black Panther. 

Marvel wants Ava DuVernay to direct one of its superhero movies – potentially “Black Panther” or “Captain Marvel,” says TheWrap in an exclusive, with “Black Panther" being the most likely of the 2.

Conversations have happened between both Marvel and DuVernay, and while there are other directors in the running, Ava is interested. The timing here would be perfect, with ongoing conversations about the lack of women directors behind studio films heating up recently (see the ACLU’s most recent inquiry).

If a deal is worked out, this would be the first time that a woman directs a Marvel studio picture, which is incredible, though not a surprise, and which would be a coup for all involved!

“Black Panther” is set to star Chadwick Boseman as the title character. There’ve been rumors that Ernie Hudson will play his father in the movie, but those haven’t been confirmed yet.

Stay tuned…