A BP gas station employee in Largo, Maryland called Rachel Sherman, a resident of Prince George's County, the n-word after reportedly overcharging her brother, ABC 7 reported. Now, community members are rallying behind Sherman and calling for a boycott. 

Sherman told ABC 7 that she confronted the employee after she learned her brother was charged $100 for his vehicle to get re-inspected. Apparently, the service usually costs $30, Sherman explained. 

"My brother called me and said well the guy is telling me it’s [$100] and it’s cash only I said that didn’t sound right," she said.  

Sherman shared details on the incident in a video published on Facebook last week, on one of her profile pages called German Chic Smiley. In the video, she claimed the white employee told her "Yeah, we usually charge n****** a whole lot more." Sherman's post has been shared more than 13,000 times. 

Sherman posted a follow-up video featuring the company's upper management. They apologized for the incident saying it was "absolutely unacceptable."

According to ABC 7, the station's owner confirmed the employee was fired the day after the incident.

Last week, Sherman joined members of the community to hold a protest outside the service station. During the protest, Sherman shared the importance of valuing the community. 

"If you are a business in this community, and you don't value this community and the people in it, it's time to pack up," she said during an interview. 

According to the U.S Census Bureau, Prince George's County is roughly 65 percent black.