As the youngest conductor to direct a 75-piece orchestra, 11-year-old Matthew Smith is quite literally setting the tempo for black excellence. The Nottingham, England native is preparing to lead the city's Symphony Orchestra in a performance of Johann Strauss' Operetta Die Fledermaus. 

In addition to being a Grade 5 violinist, the young prodigy is a multi-instrumentalist who also enjoys playing the drums, guitar, piano, and viola.  "He absolutely does have a natural ability," said his music teacher and mentor in an interview with Sky News

Matthew's talents extend beyond the arts.  If he doesn't make it as a professional musician, he says he would like to work as a scientist or engineer. When asked how he feels about his opening night debut, Matthew said, "At first I was nervous but you just get used to doing it, but the thing is you have to keep counting the beats."

Matthew's opening debut will be held at the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall on April 2nd. 

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