Maxine Waters has never been one to mince words. The California congresswoman has proven this again after defeating Republican Joe Collins, who challenged her for the 43rd Congressional District in Los Angeles. 

Collins has been describing himself as a Navy veteran and licensed financial planning professional who overcame a difficult childhood in a rough neighborhood. 

"The Republicans tried it again!" Waters wrote on Twitter. "They raised $10 million to try and defeat me with a candidate who was dishonorably discharged from the Navy and was a deadbeat dad refusing to pay child support for four different children in four different states. We have the receipts and we’re sharing them with everybody!"

Auntie Maxine, as she is affectionately known among her supporters, continued to bask in her victory.

"Reclaiming my time! Reclaiming my district! Reclaiming the right to represent my district," she said. "Reclaiming the right to soundly defeat the vulgar and vile candidacy of Joe Collins and send him packing to wherever he came from!"

While she roasted her opponent, the congresswoman showed gratitude for her supporters.

"We did it! Thank you supporters of my district for helping me to defeat a Trump puppet, Joe Collins, for whom the Republicans raised $10 million in an attempt to win my district. It didn’t work!" she said. "You can’t BUY the 43rd District of California!"

In the process of dragging her challenger, Waters name dropped Collins' ally, Donald Trump.

"When they go low, we say so long to the lying, cheating, deplorable, international laughing stock, impeached and now ONE-TERM President Trump!" she said. "Don’t let the door hit you on the way out! Disappear forever…except for when you’re called to court!"

Before dropping the mic, the Los Angeles politician had to get a few more thoughts off her chest.

 "Trump puppet, Joe Collins, you need to hide your head in SHAME!" she said. "You sold out to a right wing conservative racist! The covers are off! The people of CA43 know who you are! You will never win support for your dishonorable character and actions! Bye-bye Trump! Bye-bye Joe Collins!!"

Waters' supporters came out in full support when the congresswoman clapped back at her opponent following the victory.

The clapback is exactly what the people expect from the California representative.

Twitter was eagerly waiting for auntie to release those receipts. 

According to the Los Angeles Daily News, the 82-year-old woman is now entering her 16th term in congress. The outspoken politician has constantly called out her critics during her career while vowing to fight for disenfranchised groups. 

“Unfortunately, African Americans cannot trust the current U.S. attorney general or the current president of the United States to provide leadership and use the power of their offices to confront the racial bias, targeting, and use of excessive force by police officers across the country,” she said after police killed George Floyd in Minnesota earlier this year. 

Collins, who attacked his opponent through social media and campaign ads, has been critical of her support for the Black Lives Matter movement, blaming demonstrators for the riots of recent months.

“We understand that Black lives matter, just as much as we believe everybody’s lives matter,” he said. “But we are not going to destroy our communities to prove that.”

Launching an ad titled “Mansion Maxine”, Collins implied that his challenger that doesn't relate to the community because she allegedly lives in a $6 million home, not within the district.

“I was born right here in South L.A. in the place Maxine Waters refuses to live,” he said. "Maxine doesn’t care about our district. She only cares about herself.”

Collins, seemingly hitting back at the congresswoman, said he planned on continuing to pursue his defamation lawsuit against Waters surrounding her allegations about his military discharge. 

Waters has yet to respond to the tweet.