After the heartbreaking school shooting in Nashville, Representatives argued over the future of public schools in America during a floor speech. Gen Z’s first congressman, Rep. Maxwell Frost (D-Fla.), scolded the GOP House members for being “cowards” following another school shooting this year.

“Mr. Speaker, I rise today because I am furious. Angry that three kids died today in Nashville, Tennessee, angry that hundreds of parents had to cry their eyes out today, not knowing if their child would come home from school, and angry that we have to live day after day when we turn on the news to see rampant gun violence, claiming life after life,” he said passionately.

“And all of this is because politicians in this chamber that have been bought and paid for by the NRA that put profits over people, over human lives, cowards who wasted our time last week passing a parental bill of rights. Not giving a damn about the rights of children to be able to go to their classroom without the fear of being gunned down due to senseless gun violence,” he said.

“It is likely that at this moment, the next mass shooter is planning their shooting. What will this chamber do about it? I filed my last bill last week to simply create a federal office of gun violence prevention. Three kids are dead today. And every day that we wait, 100 more people die. I pray to God that there are some Republicans in this chamber that can help support my legislation to save lives,” he said.

Last week, Frost introduced a bill to create a federal office of gun violence prevention.