MC Lyte is supporting the next generation of rappers, which includes 5-year-old artist VanVan. The young rapper released her new single, “Pull Out The Keys,” with an accompanying video on Monday. She is seen dancing as she raps in a car, sitting beside her father.

The “Cold Rock a Party” rapper shared the release on social media with some words of encouragement.

“Let’s go @therealvanvan_ #PullOutTheKeys,” she captioned a post.


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VanVan, whose real name is Savannah McConneaughey went viral last year for her rhymes and dances. She has amassed nearly 350,000 followers on Instagram and showcases a verified profile.

Her father, Reggie McConneaughey, manages her and said he started encouraging her to expand her vocabulary through music.

“I just throw on a beat. I just throw a subject out there, and I just want to see what her vocabulary looks like. And that’s one reason why I started doing it because I just wanted to see what her vocabulary was, how good she could put stuff in a sentence … in a fun way,” he told Complex in a May 2023 interview.

“It actually helped her because when she went to take her test for school, she scored so high in that part. They were amazed at how high she scored just from memory and doing other things,” he added.