In celebration of International Women’s Day, McDonald’s has flipped one of its iconic golden arches at a McDonald’s restaurant in Lynwood, California. It has also released a promotional video that features the owner of that franchise location, a black woman named Patricia Williams.

The response to the video has been largely critical.

The company has disabled comments under the video, which was posted to YouTube, but many are taking to Twitter to call out the multi-national corporation for its low wages, lack of benefits and mostly male C-suite. 

In its official statement, the company said the marquee flip was done “in celebration of women everywhere” and “in honor of the extraordinary accomplishments of women everywhere and especially in our restaurants.”

Just how much women have been able to accomplish in the McDonald’s corporation is unclear.

Unlike Apple or Facebook, McDonald’s doesn’t break down its diversity statistics by race and gender; instead, all minorities and women are grouped together.

Fox News notes that the company has said that six out of 10 of its restaurant managers are women; however, it isn’t clear if that includes all of its restaurants, only its franchise restaurants or only its corporate-owned restaurants.

The company’s own diversity and inclusion site claim that 70 percent of all of the company’s corporate-owned restaurant employees are either women or minorities. It also says that 45 percent of its franchises are owned by either women or minorities. 

When it comes to women in executive roles, McDonald’s claims that its “leadership” roles are filled by “over 25 percent women/minorities.” How many of those leaders aren't women but are instead minority men is unclear.