The conversation around diversity in tech has been growing ever since major companies began disclosing the gender and ethnicities of their employees. In an industry dominated by white men, these annual reports show that industry leaders lag behind in hiring women and people of color. While non-white employees make up more than half the tech community at companies like Yahoo and LinkedIn, others are just beginning to take the initiative to even out the playing field. 

On Wednesday, Pinterest announced Candice Morgan as their first Head of Diversity. The scrap-booking social networking site joins an increasing number of new tech giants push to recruit minority staffers and expand diversity initiatives.

Check out 11 more tech companies spearheading the campaign to increase diversity in the workplace:


 Daisy Auger-Dominguez, Global Head of Diversity Staffing

Photo: Hispanic Leaders



Maxine Williams, Global Director of Diversity

Photo: Forbes



Tawni Cranz, Chief Talent Officer

Photo: Linkedin



Damien Hooper Campbell, Global Diversity and Inclusion Lead

Damien Hooper Campbell
Photo: Linkedin


LaFawn Bailey, Global Head of Culture & Inclusion

LaFawn Bailey
Photo: LinkedIn


Rachel Williams, Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Photo: IB Times



Rosalind Hudnell, Chief Diversity Officer

Photo: Intel


Gwen Houston, General Manager, Global Diversity and Inclusion

Photo: Working Mother


Shari Slate, Vice President, Chief Inclusion and Collaboration Officer

Photo: MyLinkage



Belinda Grant Anderson, VP, Diversity & Inclusion

Photo: Diversity Inc.


Magda Yrizarry, Chief Talent and Diversity Officer

Photo: Cornell